Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scanner Shopping

Well, I'm behind on what I would have thought to be a quick re-start to my "Thumbnails" blog. I've been trying to get the old illustration-y stuff going, but we've run into a minor issue: Sam (still) hasn't purchased a scanner yet {blush}!

So how did I do this in the past, you ask? I do own a scanner... it's about |  -- yay --  | big. At nearly a decade old, its not exactly what I would call reliable in the fields of quality-scan and software. The software (probably) pre-dates Mac and PC compatibility, so I wouldn't even dream of looking for disk. Also, it's attached to an old laptop RIDDLED with viruses and malware, so to be blunt: it is dead to me. I think I could tolerate the scale of the flatbed, if it were at least able to scan over 500 dpi.

Most recently, to finish my portfolio I scanned all my artwork in from work, of which I felt guilty through the whole process. Sam's big fat conscience doesn't want the "Day Job" and freelance stuff co-mingling, even if it is working off my own clock. I don't need ethics muddying up my regular pay check and shot at health insurance. I value my job just as much as I value a nap after a large breakfast or spinning class. (If you know me, that's saying a lot!)

So to sum up, I'm in the market for a scanner.

I'm looking for advice on specifics. Epson has few stitches in my heart (in a warm and nostalgic way.) The scanner from work is an Epson and then of course most of the printers and scanners I ran through college were by Epson, so there's a bond of trust. I just equate this brand with quality, but I am open to suggestions. I'm currently eying the Perfection V500. Ignoring all PRAISE, I jump into the negative reviews just to get the public's honest opinion on the thing. I'm looking for an affordable (under $200 preferred,) color scanner which will render quality SHARP scans from either a sketchbook or some painted butcher's paper that I've just slapped down on the bed. So easy, yes?

If you have a recommendation please let me know.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

New Beginnings

I'm currently in the starts to remodel my blog. Just to give you an idea as to what's going on, you'll see a collection of new PAGES, which will allow users to take a peek at the "happenings" in my illustration world. Some new big features will be added to the site. Some of these include:

  • "Story Time" tab is "HOME" or the main Blog page. This will be my regular journal. I plan to allot at least one or two posts per week, but to start out with, I'll probably be posting quite a bit.
  • "Sketchbook" is... yes a spot to show off some of my doodles. I promise I won't be as obsessive about this, as when I held the "Thumbnails Sketchbook" blog post. It's not a "Doodle-a-Day"; I plan to post to this page maybe once or twice a week, just to share what I'm working on.
  • "Playground" is where I plan to have some Downloads for sharing. They're essentially paper cut-outs, toys and coloring sheets for the classroom, parties or just simply to admire. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to get a little PDF Downloader do-hinky installed, where I'd like them. I probably won't be updating this more than a few times each season. The items you see here will be modified self-promotional materials.
  • "Show and Tell" is where I HOPE you all will email me photos of the paper goods you constructed from my site, so that I can share them with everyone. I have photos to share of my own right now... I just hope others will want to show off their fun-makings as well. To add a little allure to this offer, I may be willing to link your imagery to your blog sites.
  • "Time Out!" is my artist's disclosure page... you know- legal junk!
So that's what's-what at the moment. I just really didn't want to leave my blog completely NAKED!