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Scrapbooking - Assignment 3

Who doesn't like scoping out the towers of loose papers at the craft shop? It's a pretty big area to avoid. Scrapbooking is usually my first stop: search for paper textures and eye the motifs.

What surprised me most about this week is that there are still scrapbooking companies licensing from freelancers for there collections. I thought this was an area where companies relied on in-house designers. Well... surprise! They also find artist inspiration to make accessories too. How about that?

This week's assignment was to design a sheet of icons which could be suitable for chipboard pieces or stickers, or inspiration bits and pieces. I started with a LOT of drawings... here's a snippet:

Then I went nuts on PATTERNS to apply to my digital cuts:

I went back and re-drew my favorite thumbnails in colored pencil and tried to get a nice mixture of frames, sticker-style vignettes, letters, and photo corners. HOURS were spent designing and re-designing the page layout. I wouldn&…

Baby Cuteness - Assignment 2

Babies are fun. No doubt about that :-)

I had oodles of fun working on my camp-themed Baby Apparel Assignment for the Make Art That Sells eCourse. I struggled with this assignment... just a little bit. The struggle wasn't about coming up with ideas to complete the assignment, but that I couldn't stop drawing.

Below are some close-ups of the final artwork, since it's so hard to see in it's tiny-format.

The color pallet was inspired by Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.  I got a little carried away with the film inspiration and ideas kept flowing in about scouting. I had to take a day or two to re-collect my thoughts on the project, but kept drawing all the while. I eventually landed on my final animal campers, which may be a little abstract for baby apparel, but still cute nonetheless.


Back to MATS - Assignment 1

Yep! Back in class :-)

I'm back to taking Lilla Roger's eCourse Make Art The Sells (or MATS for short). The first assignment had me whittling away at Holiday cards. I LOVED making this card! I know I may have gotten a little too ambitious with this assignment, but I had a vision and I just had to go for it. I don't want to burn out after assignment #1... I've got four more weeks to tackle! This is definitely one of the market niches I've really taken to.

Though the assignment was to make 2 cards, my second composition never left the sketchbook because I became so consumed by this one. I did struggle with background quite a bit. Here are some of the samples:

The navy is a little different for a Christmasy card. All the bits and pieces were originally pooled together against a white background, but somehow the card felt empty. I tried it out against the light blues, and silvers, and the lacing, then moved on to the darker tones. Against a dark backdrop, the colors r…