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Caturday's Resting Cat Shape Project

Our cat Me-Mow acts as an alarm clock (when he feels like it). Most days he shows up in my bed, because he's looking for a warm place to sleep off his breakfast. At times he will dig at the hem of my comforter, until I let him under the covers. He nests there for hours. It's adorable! When he gets warm, he migrates above the covers and pretty much just takes over the whole bed. I started taking his picture because he's so CUTE when he's not disrupting me! Sometimes I'll comment on his shape saying "you look like a loaf of bread!" or "Are you a jelly bean?!" What I am failing to capture in text is that I use a shrill voice, as though talking to a baby. He ignores me. So now I draw him… and parade his likeness on the Internet! I started #RestingCatShape as a way to break into the #Caturday movement. It's not a daunting project because it's simply one drawing of the cat each week. I took the time to compile a collection of th

Nooking Around and Library Day: Nov 4th

This past week I finally discovered how to check books out from the library with my Nook. Yes, it's tougher than it sounds, because Barnes and Nobles doesn't want to you engage in anything that's FREE. There is very little information on library checkouts, except for maybe the Kindle. I finally figured it out through the NH Downloadable Book Consortium  (via the New User blog page). Very helpful (if you're glued to NH library, that is.) My mother surprised me with my Nook for my birthday. (Make a note that my birthday was the end of March - it is now November and I've only had to re-charge the battery once !) I've purchased a few books through B&N, but I've been dying to dabble into the library's system for a cheaper alternative. It does require some extra software with the computer, but with a simple little USB hook-up, the Nook downloads are incredibly easy... and fast. My first library engaged Nook-Book checkout is The Adventures of Tom Sawye

Promotional Pieces Re-Imagined

It's been a slow  start for me, but I do have a couple more pieces hoisted up on Scribed for downloading and printing. I've reconfigured my promotional postcards to make them accessible to everyone for personal use. Yes - simply for the enjoyment of cutting and pasting/assembling things. It would have been easier just popping the postcards on the website as they were, but I didn't want weirdos calling or stalking me, so I had to adjust the postcards a bit. I also had to scale them down a touch to fit for the every-day household printer. In the "Playground" the Printable Giraffe and Turtle are linked to my Scribed account for public downloading... or you can click the links here ;-) Have fun playing!