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New Beginnings

I'm currently in the starts to remodel my blog. Just to give you an idea as to what's going on, you'll see a collection of new PAGES, which will allow users to take a peek at the "happenings" in my illustration world. Some new big features will be added to the site. Some of these include:

  • "Story Time" tab is "HOME" or the main Blog page. This will be my regular journal. I plan to allot at least one or two posts per week, but to start out with, I'll probably be posting quite a bit.
  • "Sketchbook" is... yes a spot to show off some of my doodles. I promise I won't be as obsessive about this, as when I held the "Thumbnails Sketchbook" blog post. It's not a "Doodle-a-Day"; I plan to post to this page maybe once or twice a week, just to share what I'm working on.
  • "Playground" is where I plan to have some Downloads for sharing. They're essentially paper cut-outs, toys and coloring sheets for the classroom, parties or just simply to admire. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to get a little PDF Downloader do-hinky installed, where I'd like them. I probably won't be updating this more than a few times each season. The items you see here will be modified self-promotional materials.
  • "Show and Tell" is where I HOPE you all will email me photos of the paper goods you constructed from my site, so that I can share them with everyone. I have photos to share of my own right now... I just hope others will want to show off their fun-makings as well. To add a little allure to this offer, I may be willing to link your imagery to your blog sites.
  • "Time Out!" is my artist's disclosure page... you know- legal junk!
So that's what's-what at the moment. I just really didn't want to leave my blog completely NAKED!