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Caturday's Resting Cat Shape Project

Our cat Me-Mow acts as an alarm clock (when he feels like it). Most days he shows up in my bed, because he's looking for a warm place to sleep off his breakfast. At times he will dig at the hem of my comforter, until I let him under the covers. He nests there for hours. It's adorable! When he gets warm, he migrates above the covers and pretty much just takes over the whole bed. I started taking his picture because he's so CUTE when he's not disrupting me! Sometimes I'll comment on his shape saying "you look like a loaf of bread!" or "Are you a jelly bean?!" What I am failing to capture in text is that I use a shrill voice, as though talking to a baby. He ignores me. So now I draw him… and parade his likeness on the Internet! I started #RestingCatShape as a way to break into the #Caturday movement. It's not a daunting project because it's simply one drawing of the cat each week. I took the time to compile a collection of th

Tag WeeeeeEEEeeek!

I love YouTube, but I have been absent from it for some time due to work + lack of down-time to pick up the camera. I took time out of last weekend to embark on a mini project: complete the tags I've had queuing up for the past couple months. Introducing: TAG WEEK! Everyday, for 5-ish days, I released a video, answering questions proposed by the tag creators. This launched Sunday, April 19th, and lasted until Friday, April 24th. So… 6 days. I did record the videos in one "sitting," hence why I'm wearing the same outfit in each post. But give me an A+ for consistency! Sunday, April 19: Unpopular Opinions Book Tag Monday, April 20: Page to Screen Book Tag Tuesday, April 21: Anything but Books Tag Wednesday, April 22: (Belated) Pi Day Tag Thursday, April 23: Drunk Book Tag Friday, April 24: The Book Pusher Tag. This is the first original book tag! If I've learned anything from this experience, it's that I'm WAY