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Bye-bye, Day Job...

I quit my job. Nearly three months ago. Or rather, should I say, I UPDATED my career status to Freelance? Yup. I thought this would be scarier. I thought this would be more complicated. I don't know where to begin chronicling the ginormous life change, but it's essentially listed up there as one of the most difficult decisions I made in my life. It was a long time coming though and the conditions were right, so *poof!* I'm here! The past few months have been filled with activity. So much so, I kept thinking "I should write a blog post about this…" and I'm just now getting around to that. So what have I been up to? Here we go: #1: Prepared for and attended the New England chapter Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators conference . Finished portfolio cover art! Want to see inside? ;-) The entire month of March was essentially me in a flurry of paper and matte medium putting some new images together for my portfolio. In the end

One VERY good week

Think bright pink exclamation point. 200 pt Nueva: Pink Exclamation Mark - © Samantha Grenier 2014 That is me this week. I am an exclamation mark because 3 great things occurred in my life this week: 1. I toured and have a studio space on reserve for me at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts. This not only puts a rocket launcher into my part time freelance illustration career, but it's getting me out of the house so that I can interact with an inspiring community. I sign my lease later this week and there will most likely be many  studio set-up photos to follow over the next month. 2. Did you know I wrote a macrame book? Did write/illustrate... now sifting through the draft. I got to see my Book Baby for the first time Tuesday. I'm pretty sure followers on Twitter could hear my scream from delight. Here is the official book announcement sent by Fox Chapel Publishing: Hello! Macramé should be landing in crafty stores April/May. 3. Though

Business Inspired

Right brain illustration - © Samantha Grenier 2013 Those on Twitter may notice me posting to hashtag #rbbiz. I have been participating in an online video summit run by Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching , based on her book the Right Brain Business Plan . Since I have decided to start-up as a cottage industry freelance illustrator, I've been seeking out all visual and inspirational sources to get me psyched up about actually running a small business on my own. Mainly free sources, like the library and Internet browses. Since I've gained so much incite from Jenn & her Creative Cohorts, I think it would be only fair to give her a nod and digital thank-you! Starting up is scary. I've tried, and re-tried making myself into a mini profitable machine, but my efforts were far too meek to be seen publicly. I've been getting in my own way for years, mainly because I'm terrified about failing.  I'd rather I quietly take my leave, while no one's looking, just t