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Nooking Around and Library Day: Nov 4th

This past week I finally discovered how to check books out from the library with my Nook. Yes, it's tougher than it sounds, because Barnes and Nobles doesn't want to you engage in anything that's FREE. There is very little information on library checkouts, except for maybe the Kindle. I finally figured it out through the NH Downloadable Book Consortium  (via the New User blog page). Very helpful (if you're glued to NH library, that is.) My mother surprised me with my Nook for my birthday. (Make a note that my birthday was the end of March - it is now November and I've only had to re-charge the battery once !) I've purchased a few books through B&N, but I've been dying to dabble into the library's system for a cheaper alternative. It does require some extra software with the computer, but with a simple little USB hook-up, the Nook downloads are incredibly easy... and fast. My first library engaged Nook-Book checkout is The Adventures of Tom Sawye

SCBWI New England Chapter Conference

THRILLED to have gone, but a little bummed I couldn't attend the entire weekend. With work, travel and a tight-tight budget (so that we can attend the LA conference,) I was only able to join for the Saturday workshops. Though I take away a lot from my single day on site, I still wish I could have stayed for the full conference. "C'est la vie!" To really get the most of the conference my advice to myself and other potential goers: 1. DO the poster contest (illustrators) 2. DO the portfolio/manuscript review, especially that quick-query. I didn't meet a single person who felt it was money wasted 3. Don't get the chicken (lunch) 4. Do the portfolio showcase (illustrators) - ALWAYS show that folio when an opportunity presents itself 5. Take more pictures for more visual interest when you go back to Blog about your experience so that you don't just end up hoisting your business card up on the site for recognition The only real negative I take away fr

Shopping for dead butterflies

Butterfly Sketches - 2/2012 Not to come off as creepy or Damien Hirst-like, I am currently on the market for dead butterflies. I believe the official term is specimens , but from what I've been shopping, I'll be receiving dried corpses so... same difference! I'm hunting these little buggers down for my next personal illustration project, which has been inspired by my recent trip to RI SD's  Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab , for a live animal study session. Amongst the live animals were many not-so-live animals, including a couple cases of mounted butterflies. My illustration project is simple: I want to make faux mounted butterfly illustrations using my cut-paper technique. I want to make scientific renderings rather than generic forms, so I need to be able to study the real things. Since I am no butterfly expert, (though that does sound pretty sweet to me now!) I am plotting a trip to Cambridge to visit the Museum of Natural History . If they allow me to sketch, sket