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Quietly Busy

Plate Designs for Home Decor Assignment

Dinnerware screams "Paint ME!" so I took a shot at watercolors for my second assignment in the Make Art That Sells eCourse. When I couldn't get just the right colors I wanted, I took my designs to the computer. This turned into a week-long mini war with messy (paints) versus clean (digital).

At the moment I'm struggling with my assessment of the Home Decor Market because I know I'll be a good fit for it, but I need to follow my gut. As inspiring as flowers can be, I overwhelmed myself with too many concepts and ended up picking none of them. My first reaction to an idea (generally) is to get it down on paper. But my first reaction to this assignment was "Get flower buds!" I sketched a bit in marker, took to watercolors, (which I'm madly in love with by-the-way,) and then eventually sketched out my designs in pencil. A little backwards for me.

For the curious eyes, here are some of my watercolor doodles:

Bird/Milkweed and Coneflower Parts

Assorted Doodles and leaves

Falling in love with hand-lettering

I like my designs and I like the concept of the Milkweed and Coneflowers (also BIRDS!) dispersing their petals/seedlings. There's just something missing which I haven't been true to:

You LOVE Color! Sticky Note.
I'm satisfied, but I need to pump it up my color pallet! The piece I turned in for critique is the "Milkweed Flight". Thought it's quiet color-wise, it's an incredibly busy surface. I felt the Coneflower (seen at the top of this page) was just too much blue to eat around:
Final dish design - "Milkweed Flight".

It's a sorry thing to say that my pallet ended up so neutral since I ran out and BOUGHT some brilliantly vivid color inspirations. One can tell from some of my sketches alone that I had been very taken by the flowers. I want to know where my color mojo left me.

Peonies and Mums and little Button Flowers.
I'm promising myself to use PINK and Orange on the next assignment. We're heading into children's book illustration tomorrow, so I hope my color pallet will be fitting!