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Flourishing despite....

I flourished despite about 50 disputes with a container of Mod Podge:

"Flourish" decorative collage.
I'm going to be perfectly honest here: I nearly (and am still tempted to) tear up a huge wad of tissue/tracing/velum/watercolor papers and just spell out the word "SHIT!" I didn't think it would be appropriate for the class, it seemed resentful. It does sound snarky and negative, but I can see it... "Shit" would be fun. Who wouldn't want a big "S-H-I-T" on their wall?

Yes, I did swear at my materials about a dozen times before collaging won me over. I think it's the designing of the composition I like so much... that and transparency papers. Part of the construction of this piece consisted of a fight with a single paint brush, glue, humidity, bleeding inks, and my inability to get a zipper to zip the way I wanted it to. Also I was stabbed by a staple from the zipper package. My grudge against the zipper has passed and I'm at peace with my finished artwork.

I really did like this project and I how it turned out. I have some new bedroom art. "Flourish," is the fourth assignment I turned in for Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells eCourse. This project was both challenging but still freeing. I struggled with this assignment (less than I expected,) because I wasn't really drawing per-sey, but my designer instincts eventually kicked in for the finished pieces.

Would I keep up with collaging? Yes, but not regularly. I'm trying to integrate it into my illustrations (digitally) more an more. I've come to understand that I'm really more of a draftsman. I am ocationally attracted to abstract pieces, but I really prefer working with recognizable motifs and icons. It's hard to stare down at the raw elements and come up with an attractive way to assemble them. Things don't always tear or fold the way you want them to so plans were frequently changed during my collaging process.

"He Loves Me" decorative collage.
The assignment was for one collage... I ended up with two which I which will soon have new homes on my walls. What this project brought out in me was that vent I so desperately needed. Getting dirty and having a finished piece I can hold in reality awakened something in me. I've been in a creative rut since Mid-May and I'd been feeling out for some sort of relief or inspiration to help pick me up. Naturally, one week left in the class and I've broken through my brain fog... at least in my personal work. I am very happy with the quality of work I produced this past week. I polished off a couple pieces for the SCBWI conference which I will be thrilled to show off to Art Directors. I hope I can keep up the pace for a strong finish for the class.

Best of luck with everyone else. Keep cool people!