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Scrapbooking - Assignment 3

Scrapbooking bits - final assignment
Who doesn't like scoping out the towers of loose papers at the craft shop? It's a pretty big area to avoid. Scrapbooking is usually my first stop: search for paper textures and eye the motifs.

What surprised me most about this week is that there are still scrapbooking companies licensing from freelancers for there collections. I thought this was an area where companies relied on in-house designers. Well... surprise! They also find artist inspiration to make accessories too. How about that?

This week's assignment was to design a sheet of icons which could be suitable for chipboard pieces or stickers, or inspiration bits and pieces. I started with a LOT of drawings... here's a snippet:

Sketchbook spread with scrapbooking inspirations.

Then I went nuts on PATTERNS to apply to my digital cuts:

Pink-pink-pink herringbone pattern

Assorted patterns which could be used for washi tape, paper, icon decorations, etc.
I went back and re-drew my favorite thumbnails in colored pencil and tried to get a nice mixture of frames, sticker-style vignettes, letters, and photo corners. HOURS were spent designing and re-designing the page layout. I wouldn't mind doing this everyday.

F-U-N! :-D