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NE SCBWI Pre-Conference Update

Samantha Grenier © 2014 - Portfolio Cover
Portfolio - Spring 2014

We're setting out for the SCBWI New England Conference tomorrow. "We" is me, Sheli Petersen and Sheli's mother/author, Patricia Petersen. I'm packed, updated, and eager to meet everyone.

I can hardly believe it's already time to head down to Springfield again :->; I am really pumped for this conference and I'm ready to let the inspiration vibes strike me.

Samantha Grenier © 2014 - Snippet of some finished art bits from my portfolioSamantha Grenier © 2014 - Black and White dummy-book studies

Above are a few bits from my book assembly from the past week. On the left are some finished snippets from one of my spreads, and the right is the black and white study of my mock mini portfolio. I have to tell you the mock-mini folio helped a LOT. it was great to see the impact of my ills in the small scale and to make sure that my values had enough contrast. Highly recommended. I did a similar study last year for the Infirm Pachyderm poster. This year I combed through my full book in black and white format before taking everything to print.

I'm very proud of my portfolio this year. If you want a peek at the conference, ask and I'll let you poke through my portfolio-baby between showcases.

Hope you all are as excited about #NESCBWI14 as I am. :-) I can't wait to see you all there!