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My miniature battle with blue

Paper Knot Studio Floor - © Samantha Grenier 2014
Paper painting/studio floor.
The evidence of my studio work/play today is embedded in my hands: they're peacock blue-green. Even after a couple passes with a loofa there are still some blue-filled creases.

Peacock Blue-Green Palm - © Samantha Grenier 2014
My blue-green hand posing in front of painted surfaces.
This acrylic has some impressive staying power. My work surface was affected a bit too:

Peacock Blue-Green Work Surface, Phase 1 - © Samantha Grenier 2014
Blue surface phase 1.

Peacock Blue-Green Work Surface, Phase 2 - © Samantha Grenier 2014
Blue Surface phase 2.
Why am I so blue? The Miracle Providers NE are hosting a Wearable Art Exhibition on October 4th, and I am assembling a tissue paper jacket for the fashion show. The jacket is going to require a LOT of material… blue material. The once-white contact paper coating of my work surface is screaming for a change, but I'm not quite finished with the painting, so this will have to wait a little longer.

I will be sharing some more work in progress on my art garment once I can get past the paper-prep work. I have some sketches and a mood-board I can share in the near-future.