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Mood Board-ing

So we're just about 1 month away from the Miracle Providers Northeast Wearable Art Extravaganza! Tickets for the event are officially available for those wanting to attend {wink-wink!}. There's also a Facebook page for the event, for those who'd like to be kept up to date on details, or mark up their FB calendars.

I've had a busy and productive couple of weeks in the studio. Firstly, the final results of my very-blue painting sessions:

Peacock-Blue Table © Samantha Grenier 2014
My (incredibly) blue painted table.

I've been dragging my feet on the clean-up. I'll just be a quick switch-a-roo of the contact paper, but there are more important thing to attend to… plus I may be pressed for more paper-painting in the near future. I can just FEEL it; a paper-feather shortage is in the forecast for next week.

Blue painted papers & fabric © Samantha Grenier 2014
Blue painted papers (and fabric).

And dah-DAHH-DAAHH! The final color pallet and fabric selection for my garment(s):

My peacock dress/coat color pallet. © Samantha Grenier 2014
Peacock color pallet.
I should have my sketches and dress construction tidbits in this coming week. I have a few photos I could share now, but I'd hate to muck up this pretty pallet post with all those lose threads.