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So we're trying this again...

Firstly, HI! It's been a while. About 2 years since I posted about leaving my desk job.

So some updates: {crickets-crickets-crickets}

Just kidding! I'm launching a bunch of projects. Writing that out just now makes this sound like an unachievable resolution, but its essentially just making the activities I've been working on privately, public.

The first of which is the biggest, (and completed) because it has me out of my comfort zone 100%: I launched a YouTube channel (finally). And it should probably go without saying, but if you're reading this blog, I hope you will subscribe to my channel {winks}. I don't know how often I will be churning out content, because it is all new to me. However, I am melding with iMovie pretty quickly, and very much like the casualness of the experience.

What's with this channel? It's about books and macrame/crafting. Yes, Books + Macrame. I have designs for macrame projects for books I've read. I am planning to branch outside of macrame in terms of crafting too, but either way, it's going to be wild! Here's my introductory video:

At this time, I am classifying myself as a "BookTuber" because I want this channel to reflect something more in line with my hobbies vs professional activities. Would I like things to look fancier? Yes, and with practice, I'm sure to get there. For now, it's just for fun, otherwise it'll become something more of a chore. To demonstrate playful experience further, please reference the next video I produced. In this video, I review all 103 books I read in 2019, using quotes from the books to illustrate my Goodreads Rating:

I did it! I finally set up that YouTube account and use it!

Onto project number 2: Public Display of Design. I've been marketing myself as a freelance illustrator for some time now, but I have eyes on gaining full time employment, so I feel it would be in my career's best interest to show off those skills for a little while. I'm not going to stop drawing, but I will be leaning more into User Experience and vector art, so a shift.

I started following the website Daily UI, (subscribed to their prompts in fact), and I've been sketching along with the daily-isa email prompts. I love them! While I need to digitize my sketches, I will start releasing them onto Twitter and (maybe) Instagram, in efforts to promote myself as a Graphic Designer. The #dailyui tag is a fun incremental project, which is design I want to produce and highly sought after, so participation is to help keep my skills sharp. It's also a 100 days project thing, so the official #The100DayProject may be a possible launch time, but I'm planning to get this going sooner than April. Also, the prompts are released on a more designer-friendly schedule of Monday-Friday, so the project isn't technically 100 consecutive days. Although, I would have all the prompts by then.
↑ Future home of awesome UI designs.

And finally project number 3: Blogging… probably should have started with this one, as it's not the most inspired response. This is partially inspired by my friend Amber, who's been maintaining a cool baking project called Bake on Through the Other Side. Her blog is about tackling her massive recipe collection, and she writes about her experience and results. She's currently the ONLY blog I read religiously, so that's something. Most recently it triggered a yearning in me to write more. I want to bring blogging back into my life. I miss it. At the very least, it's a writing exercise, right?

So, yes, we're at it again! How often? Whenever I have something more valuable to say (so, like, probably weekly).



Unknown said…
❤️❤️❤️ I'm glad I could inspire you, and I want to see those sketches!