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She loves me, she loves me not

Books I loved and not so loved

Hello February! It's nice to see your pretty face. As I wrapped up the end of January, I closed up my 2019 updates... at least with reading. I weighed out the "yeah's" with a top ten books of the year:

Naturally, that was balanced out with the "meh's":

A core goal with my channel is to merge my creative life with leisure reads, by crafting around a piece of text which inspired my engagement. Thanks to January, I have my first project planned. I will film it this coming week after I get my first (ever) professional manicure! I should point out that an ulterior motivation to start my channel was to help me quit biting my nails. What did I say about no New Years Resolutions? If my fingers are going to be center stage, I need not apologize for their... lack of nail-age. 100% of my channel is driven by self-improvement, and that includes finger "impressions".

So looking at January in the rear-view mirror, it was a hectic month for me personally, but also grand on a reading scale:

And now I'm looking forward to this month (which feels like it's already nestled at the 50% mark, not merely 25%):

What's next? Other than that secret (knotty) project inspired by one of my January reads, I have a "Bookish Goals" video in queue. I'm also toying with the idea of making a reading vlog for a book I've been "reading" for the past year, but I'm not sure—I'd love some external thoughts on that (comments welcome).

Outside of reading, I have made -ZERO- additional sketches to advance my #DailyUI project since my previous post. I set up a folder in my email so that I can just collect them for later. But here's some of the doodles from before (still outside the virtual world):
User Experience Project Sketches © Samantha Grenier 2020
Sketches for the #DailyUI project
© 2020 Samantha Grenier

For the remaining of today, I am wrapping up the 4x4 canvas project for the Brush Gallery. I participated in this project (twice) before; it's great! The gallery sent me a canvas, I "art" it up, send it back, and then it goes up onto display for a few weeks. At the closing reception, they have a $25 cover charge, and attendees can select the mini art they want for themselves. The proceeds go toward a UMass Lowell art student scholarship. I'll drop details as the event nears.

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