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An homage to Ms. Potter

Here's a mini Homage to Ms. Potter:

Shelldon the Sulcata Tortoise study sketches - from RISD Live Animal Drawing Session - Feb. 2013

I recently picked up a book of Beatrix Potter's art plates from the library for an inspiration spark. Naturally, I mulled over the book the whole week leading up to a trip to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for Christina Rodriguez's Live Animal Drawing sessions. Sketches above are of the Sulcata Tortoise (Shelldon) from the center of my mini collage.

Taxidermy and live animals in attendance at the RISD drawing sessions

I did not bring my watercolors this year. If I had, I doubt they would look much like Beatrix Potter's studies anyhow.


The (blurry) images here are from The Art of Beatrix Potter. The book delves into her life a little bit, but it's mainly a book of plates showcasing her early works, letters and picture book studies. I LOVE Potter's fungi studies! I would have liked to read more from her letters - some are nearly re-typed in the the text, while there are others which are not. I can barely read my own handwriting at times, so I ended up skimming over most of these.

A fantastic sketch and color plate of Peter Rabbit - by Beatrix Potter. From The Art of Beatrix Potter, by E. Linder.
For those curious eyes, I've loaded a few more sketch studies from my trip to Rhode Island School of Design into the Sketchbook page on my blog. They are immediately followed by some of the watercolor renderings from last year's visit to RISD.

I am currently plotting another trip the Harvard Museum of Natural History for some more taxidermy studies. Ideally, I'd like to see the real creatures to see how they more. Internet image searches and YouTube video clips can only get you so far. If anyone has any idea as to where I can find a live giraffe and/or Pancake Tortoise, please let me know.