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Vote for Elephants... and coffee!

Hi everyone!

Out of the BLUE popped this local contest to design a label for an Earth Day-related coffee blend. Relying on Facebook and the social media, A&E Roastery and Tea will is allowing the public to vote on their favorite design. The winning design will be printed, AND $2.00 from every Earth Day Blend bag sold between April & May will be donated to a charity of the artist's choice. Not only that, but A&E Roastery and Tea will match the contribution, so a total of $4.00 per bag sold, will be going towards charity! 

The label I created is based on the concept of GROWTH and "sweet citrus aroma". Featuring flowers made from orange peels and (cut-paper) coffee beans, I paired the arrangement with the bright blue background so that the oranges and yellows really stand out.:

Should I win, charity donations will be going towards The Elephant Listening Project:

The Elephant Listening Project website.
Voting started TODAY. Folks on Facebook will be able to cast a single vote every day until March 15th; that's 9 (NINE) day's of vote'n! So I'm asking for a bit of help. Please "Like" A&E Roastery and Tea Facebook Page for the chance to vote. Voting takes place here, so vote daily if you can! 

Feel free to share-share-share, because a win for me is a win for The Elephant Listening Project... oh and you may "Like" their page as well! ;-)