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More Animal LOVE

Basking Lion doodle (left). Actual Basking Lion (right) from the Franklin Park Zoo.
Here's a mini rewind of the past couple weeks:
  • Unfortunately, The Elephant Listening Project and I did not win the AE Roastery and Tea Earth Day coffee label contest. We'll get 'em next time! Congratulations to the winning Daddy-Daughter team (aww!)
  • A teeny-tiny visit to the MFA (so small in fact, I'm plotting a re-visit for mid-April).
  • I made a brief trip to the Franklin Park Zoo to spy on some of the cool-temp tolerant critters.
The Zoo trip was very brief, due to my sudden spite for the cold weather. It probably didn't help that I lacked a hat and scarf, and had to keep pulling my mittens off to take a picture, or doodle in my sketchbook. I visited for the wildebeest, and I'm planning a return when the zoo "unpacks" the giraffe. Shocked, I was to see Zebras (one of which wasn't even a month old!) and Ostriches, romping around in the New England breeze:

Ostrich and Zebra grazing at the Franklin Park Zoo.
The zoo itself was a bit lonely, which I suppose is to be expected in the middle of March. I did have an uninterrupted chance to peek at some of the finer details the zoo had to offer, so there's a small plus:
Printed and textured cement at the Franklin Park Zoo.
My departure from the zoo was capped off with a 45 minute wait at an unmarked bus-stop and quick trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. Exhaustion took over, so a skipped my planed visit to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. I knew prior to the zoo trip that I wouldn't be able to sneak a peek at a live Giraffe, so I figured taxidermy figure would do just fine! I'll be heading back to Cambridge this weekend with my friend Amber, anyhow. Another trip is in the works for next weekend as well, so I shouldn't miss anything.

Though I didn't win the label contest this past week, I'm still feeling out ways to help out the elephants. I did ask for one (adoption) for my Birthday... multiple times... my friend pointed my attention to another Elephant-related project on Indiegogo. Unfortunately, the funding ends tomorrow, so I'm hoping my mini shout-out to the Elephants Never Forget film project will help in some way:

Even if they don't meet their funding goal, it seems that they're going to go ahead with the project; it's just going to slow down their processing time. I wish them all the best of luck!

Love elephants! Love animals!